I am very interested in what our Victorian forefathers built. I am especially interested in what remains of their engineering.

I am an active member of the Crossness Engines Trust, set up to restore a local Victorian masterpiece.

Our site contains four James Watt Beam Engines housed in a Grade 1 Listed building. It was built in 1865.

Over a period of many years I have turned my hand to restoring a small Barring Engine and a small steam boiler to run it on , to partially restoring a Merryweather Fire Pump, to various roofing repairs and more recently to playing at Electrician's Mate, running in cables for the new Steam Boiler facility. This gives me an excuse to get out and do something different at the weekend.

We hope to have one of these magnificent engines in steam in 2003 but even without a working steam engine the repainted ironwork and the building itself is still worth a look.

You can find further information, including dates when visits can be made to the site, at:-

Crossness Engines Trust

[Updated: 02.12.22]