FRiends Of Bexley LOcal Museums Service

FROBLOMS has been dear to my Heart for many years. I was a member for some 18 years and in the latter years of that period I was Chairman. I left the organisation as a protest really against Bexley Council's proposals for Erith Museum's closure.

The Museum now remains open but under the guardianship of volunteers. I am Chairman of the 'Erith Museum Group'. The Museum is now seeing many more vistors than when under former management and hopefully will go from strength to strength.

Once the Museum was 'safe' I rejoined FROBLOMS and was immediately given the Chairman's job back, no accounting for taste I suppose

You can find out more about FROBLOMS by following the link below:-


If you think you might be interested in FROBLOMS or in Joining the Erith Museum Volunteer Team, email me at address on contacts page

Please also note that there is now an Erith Museum Wesite at:-

[Updated: 02.12.22]